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  • Dear Doctors and Patients, Mohs is a precise surgical technique where the complete excision of skin cancer is checked by microscopic margin control. The labour intensive nature of this process requires additional resources to be invested to achieve the optimal outcome for our patients. Because of this, we can no longer bulk bill this service and therefore advise that as of Tuesday 2nd May 2023, all patients will incur a charge for this procedure. Out of pocket cost to patients: Direct referrals to InfinityPATH: (InfinityPATH Courier picks up the specimen) Out of pocket /

  •   Case 1: The History and Photos provided by referring doctor: Initially diagnosed as Squamous cell carcinomas Many excisions lower legs Answer: Eruptive Keratoacanthomas Case 2: The History and Photos provided by referring doctor: Nil ***2 LESIONS WERE DIAGNOSED*** Answer: Melanoma in situ (Naso-facial groove) and Basal Cell Carcinoma (R ala)   Case 3: The History and Photos provided by referring doctor: 48 year old male History of travel to Amazon forest 3 months prior Felt a bite while on the river. In the Tamba Pata national park Initially itchy bite at site

  • “Surgical Skin Audit 2023 – 2025 and eDoctor Updates” Surgical Skin Audit We are pleased to inform you that our Surgical Skin Audit 2023 – 2025 has been approved by the RACGP & ACRRM and you could be awarded up to 35 hours for every year of the triennium!       We’ve made it so easy for you! Simply, refer directly to InfinityPATH each year and we’ll do the rest! Give us a call if you want to know how to get started 1300 007 284 or If you’re already referring, click on the link to

  • Have you registered for eDoctor? eDoctor is our newest platform where you can view all your results, track all your referrals until completed, send enquiries to our pathologists and much more. To take full advantage of what eDoctor can do for you, register now and enjoy all its features and those of which we will be adding in the coming weeks. For web application, please click on eDoctor To download the app, please scan the QR code. Or you can click on the following links: For the knowledge base, please visit here After your registration is submitted,

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