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Common Questions

How long does it take for my doctor to receive my test results?

Generally, routine pathology will be performed by the next business day of its collection; however immunohistochemistry specialized testing may take an additional business day.

Does it matter what Pathology Provider does my testing?

Yes, it does matter.
InfinityPATH is the elite surgical pathology laboratory:
• Our team is a commitment to quality and continuous innovation,
• Our team is renowned to provide accurate timely diagnoses
• Our Specialists provide color-coded reports
• Our team has an extensive range of immunohistochemistry stains
• Our family-owned laboratory ensures that you are bulk billed for Medicare-eligible testing

Does InfinityPATH accept all pathology request forms?

Yes. InfinityPATH will perform all testing regardless of your request form.
Under circumstances where your health care provider has specified a particular pathologist to conduct the testing on the request form, then your collection will be on-forwarded by InfinityPATH to that pathologist.

Can I receive a copy of my histopathology pathology?

It is always best that you attend a consultation at your doctor’s practice to discuss your histopathology report with her or him. Even “normal” reports may require further medical investigation by your doctor or surgeon.
To obtain a copy of your histopathology report it is best for your care and clarification that you contact the doctor or surgeon that ordered the histopathology in the first instance and discuss it with them.

Am I going to have to pay for my specialist histopathology report?

InfinityPATH will generally bulk bill (i.e. no gap payment) all testing covered by Medicare.

Our family-owned laboratory directly bills Medicare (‘bulk billing’) for all referrals (for Medicare card and DVA card holders) for tests covered under the Medicare Benefits Schedule.
There are however rare occasions where payment may be required. These occasions include:
• Where you or the specialist histopathology is not covered by Medicare,
• the histopathology report is very complex and includes images or is not performed by InfinityPATH,
• you are an inpatient or day-stay patient in a private hospital.

Why do I need medical specialist to perform my pathology?

During your procedure or operation, your doctor may wish for a tissue specimen for histopathology assessment. These tissue samples are sent to our specialist pathologist to be inspected more closely to confirm your doctor’s diagnosis. This also helps to ensure that the lesion has been adequately removed.

What happens to my biopsy or excision?

The specimen is transported from your doctor’s room or hospital to the pathology laboratory. Here, the sample is studied by our pathologist who then sends the final report to your doctor.

How are the reports provided?

Results can be delivered to referring doctors in a number of ways:
• Hand-delivered
• Fax
• Email
• Secure email
• Download
• Overnight mail

What are the benefits for you the referring doctor?

• Pathologists with exceptional skills and experience in the area of diagnostic histopathology.
• Our pathologists attend regular professionally accredited courses to keep them updated on new diagnostic techniques.
• Easy access to pathologists, who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for consultation.
• State-of-the-art laboratory services, available round-the-clock.
• Guaranteed 24-hour turnaround of most biopsy results.
• Immediate communication of all significant results such as diagnosed melanomas
• Histopathology reports tailored to your needs, including advice on management, if required.
• Supply of all approved surgical consumables required.

What are the benefits for you the patient?

• We have specialist dermatopathologists with extensive experience in the clinical presentation, management, and histopathologic diagnosis of skin cancer.
• Your patients can have peace of mind, in the knowledge that InfinityPATH specializes in the diagnosis of skin cancer.

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