Slow MOHs/ Delayed Closure – Out of pocket cost to patients

Dear Doctors and Patients,

Mohs is a precise surgical technique where the complete excision of skin cancer is checked by microscopic margin control. The labour intensive nature of this process requires additional resources to be invested to achieve the optimal outcome for our patients.

Because of this, we can no longer bulk bill this service and therefore advise that as of Tuesday 2nd May 2023, all patients will incur a charge for this procedure.

Out of pocket cost to patients:

Direct referrals to InfinityPATH: (InfinityPATH Courier picks up the specimen) Out of pocket / gap fee of:

👉 $110 for Medicare card holders


For Indirect referrals to InfinityPATH (using another Pathology Laboratory) Out of pocket / gap fee of:

👉 $220 for Medicare card holders.


For NON-Medicare card holders, out of pocket / gap fee will be $292.50

Please direct all enquiries to our accounts team at: Thank you for your understanding.

**Note: due to the dynamic nature of pathology, the fees may change without any notice. However, we endeavour to keep our costs to a minimum.

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