Dr Henry Po Kun Lau

Consultant Pathologist


– MB, BS  (Monash 1970)

– FRCPA (General 1978)



Dr Henry Lau’s Pathology career spans over 40 years. Throughout his career he has worked in New South Wales, Tasmania and Queensland.

We are pleased to be working with Dr Lau and welcome his experience, knowledge and expertise to the InfinityPATH team.

  • JRMO Western General Hospital
  • Tasmania Australian Dept of Health Townsville
  • Consultant Pathologist
    • Townsville General Hosp
    • Park Haven Hospital
    • The Mater Hospital
  • Chairman of the Multidiscipline Breast Unit Townsville
  • Associate Professor of Medicine (Pathology) JCUO’Brien Pathology NSW
  • Senior Pathologist Orange Base Hospital NSW
  • Medical Director Healthscope NSW
  • AAA Mackay Pathology


  • “Pitfalls in Hand Spectroscopy”Journal of Royal Society of New South Wales 1980
  • “Solar and Infra Red Radiation as possible causes of Giant Cell Arteritis and Other Connective  Tissue Disorders” Pathology 1996
  • “Autoimmune hepatitis following inflixmab therapy for Ankylosing spondylitis. MJA 2007; 187(9): 524-526
  • Poster presentation: Is malignant fibrous histiocytoma And sarcomatous carcinoma of the larynx the same Entity? CWPS 2006
  • Poster presentation: Fine core biopsy of liver leading to Seedling of hepatoma tracking to skin  forming tumour Nodule. CWPS 2008