Dear Doctor(s),

InfinityPATH was born in 2011 to provide better patient care.

8 Years on, we continue to provide this care.

What’s new at InfinityPATH


    Clear vision with innovation, from the person that started this Laboratory. Patients first, business second. I believed in the business and our colleagues so much, that I purchased my minor shareholder partner out


    For your convenience, our purpose designed software will automatically report all relevant details to SCARD on your behalf


    Tailor made reports – the way that you like it. Minimise disruption when our Pathologists are on leave. The rule provides information to our Pathologists about the way that you want your reports

  • Our Management and Supervisor team are long serving and have followed myself from my first experience in a Private pathology Laboratory in 1988. We have deep knowledge of the Operations, to better care for your patients

  • We have a very low turn over of staff. People stay with good People. United front

  • Quick Turn-a-round of reports potentially equates to better cash flow to you and your Medical Centre

  • We have NOT sold to and / or are NOT affiliated with any other pathology laboratory

  • We do not own Medical Centres, so we do not compete for your patients

  • We continue to be an Independent Family owned Laboratory

  • Our integrity is important to us

  • We value you and your patients

Please contact myself or our team to reassure you of our commitment to you and your patients. It is always best to hear it, personally from us.

Yours Sincerely

Mitchell Wan
M: 0418 745 750
Managing Director / Innovator / Visionary / Founder

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