Dr Adrian Russell

Consultant Specialist Histopathologist

Bachelor of Medicine (Hons)

Director Anatomical Pathology Central Coast Health Gosford Hospital NSW – more than 20 years
Consultancy for Gribbles Pathology Gosford NSW — more than 6 years
Consultancy for Symbion Pathology Gosford NSW – more than 7 years

Skin Pathology
Gastrointestinal Pathology
Breast Pathology

Articles & Presentations
1 . Arthur G, Clancy R, Musicka M, Russell A, Beagley K, Development of an Oral Vaccine AgainstHelicobacter-Induced Gastritis. Clin Imm and Immunopath 1995; 74: Abstract No 131 .
2. Cao Q, Batey RG Pang G, Russell A, Clancy R. Role of Intrahepatic CD4+ and CD5+ T cells in con A-induced Hepatitis in rats. Australia Gastroenterology Week Adelaide, 9— 13 September 1996
3. Case Presentation: Hyalinising Granuloma of Lung. Russell A, Suggit R and Kazz J. Presented at IAP June 1999 meeting “Lung Club”, Darling Harbour.
4. Batey RG, Cao Q, Russell A, Madsen G, Pang G, Clancy R. Intrahepatic lymphocyte production of IL-I , IL-6 and TNF alpha in alcoholic liver disease in the rat. J Gastro & Hepatol 1995; 10:A45
5. Cao Q, Batey R, Pang G, Russell A, Clancy R. Induction of acute hepatitis in rats administered Con A involves intrahepatic CD4+ T cells Immunology and Cell Biology 1997; Suppl 1, A73.
6. Black CA, Eyers FM, Russell A, Dunkley ML, Clancy RL and Beagley KW. Increased severity of Candida vaginitis in BALB/c nu/nu mice versus the parent strain is not abrogated by adoptive transfer of T cell enriched lymphocytes. Journal of Reproductive Immunology 1999.
7. Russell AFR, Suggit RIC, Kazzi JC. Pulmonary hyalinising granuloma: A Case report and literature review. Pathology 2000; 32:290-3